True is a new kind of hero, and the only one with the ability to activate the magical powers of the Wishes! She doesn't wield a sword or wave a wand, instead it's her kindness and compassion that makes her aspirational for girls and boys.
Bartleby would follow True to the ends of the Rainbow Kingdom… as long as there aren’t tempting distractions like Fishy Poof Crackers along the way! Bartleby’s quick wit and charming personality makes him a fun-filled force to be reckoned with!
Every kingdom needs a princess, and Grizelda is happy to take the throne as self-proclaimed royalty, along with her adorable pooch, Frookie. Some people may be put off by Grizelda’s edgy and often superficial personality, but she's probably just misunderstood because she'll do anything for those around her, especially her friends!
Zee is slightly bookish and a bit of a homebody who’s obsessed with anything to do with Wishes, which makes him an excellent Wishologist! Zee always knows how to stay calm and help True figure out how to ask for help from the Wishing Tree.
Rainbow King
rainbow king
Rainbow King is a truly whimsical ruler, forever light-hearted, and always optimistic. He’s the embodiment of love and kindness. No one knows exactly how old Rainbow King is, because his wisdom extends to the beginning of time.
The Wishes
the wishes
The Wishes are powerful little beings who live in the magical Wishing Tree as cute little yellow orbs until they are called upon by True. Once Wishes are activated by True, they reveal their unique personalities and incredible abilities. For the full list of all the wishes, you can download our Wish Poster!