True and The Rainbow Kingdom

True and the Rainbow Kingdom will entertain children with engaging characters and fun adventures. The vibrant designs and magical storylines will support and encourage children’s imaginations, and spark their creativity. True is a contemporary aspirational role-model who displays confidence, determination and mindfulness through effective communication and creative problem-solving. True teaches empathy for our world and all its living creatures.

1. Developing mindfulness:

Every story’s adventure is the result of True noticing that something is not quite right with someone somewhere in the Rainbow Kingdom.  She and her friends take up the challenge to set things right again.  But her curiosity, imagination and creative thinking can be overwhelming – too many ideas at the same time.

This is when True is encouraged by her friend, Zee, to stop, breathe and consider what she knows about the problem and organize her thinking about what has to be done.  Stopping to organize their thinking is not a process young children naturally engage in but it is a process that promotes a state of clarity out of which strategic reasoning can emerge.  Stopping to get calm and ask oneself “what do I know and what can I do” is a valuable skill to have in life and for school readiness and success.



2. Strategic Reasoning

Our characters and stories support our audience’s development of reasoned, critical thinking about the world around them.  Strategic thinking requires persistence, curiosity, flexibility and creativity; which sums up True’s journey in every adventure.

3. Dealing with change, and adaptability:

Modern kids like True must learn how to deal with change and a fast-paced changing world. Rainbow City is a haven; a place of love and warmth, fun and friends. But True’s adventures also show our audience how to deal with the unexpected and be emotionally resilient.

4. Soaring with Strengths:

True has the persistence and desire to see past a Wish’s initial limitations and find innovative ways to get to the heart of each Wish’s strengths, allowing them to shine. This demonstrates to our audience that we all have unique strengths, which can be pinpointed and encouraged through patience and care.

5. Exploring the physical world:

Our stories focus on emotional issues that are concrete, immediate and relevant to children. Each adventure explores the physical world and scientific concepts such as gravity and sound vibrations.

Bartleby, Zee, and True reading a book